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  1. WK Travel is not responsible for:
  • the way the User makes use of the Website or for any consequences resulting from such use;
  • any damage arising from the User's actions which are inconsistent with the applicable provisions of law or with the provisions of these Regulations;
  • information obtained or downloaded from the Internet; in particular, WK Travel is not responsible for information downloaded from websites the addresses of which were made available on the Website, or which were in any way referred to on the Website, the consequences of using such information by the Users and/or the Clients, or its practical usefulness to the Users and/or the Clients;
  • independent and non-culpable errors in the operation of applications made available to the Website Users;
  • any damage caused by reasons that are not attributable to WK Travel and beyond its control, particularly caused by force majeure. 
  1. WK Travel is not responsible for the User making the use of the Website in a manner inconsistent with the provisions hereof or the provisions of law. 
  1. WK Travel is not responsible for damage incurred by the User as a result of risks associated with Internet usage, such as hacking the User's system, taking the passwords over by third parties, infecting the User's PC with malware, etc. 
  1. The information and data published on the Website as well as reports submitted to the Clients as part of Advisory Services are prepared by WK Travel on the basis of both WK Travel own travel experience and generally available information; therefore, the Users and the Clients are encouraged to independently verify the completeness and correctness of information and data they are provided with. 
  1. Although WK Travel has travelled to many places (both in the country and abroad) as a tourist, he has not encountered any difficulties that would make it impossible to continue the trip, reach the destination or safely return to the trip starting point. Nonetheless, one should keep in mind that travelling to certain parts of the world, country’s regions or areas of cities involves some risks and makes it difficult to keep the travellers safe. Therefore, WK Travel encourages the Users and the Clients to actively participate in preparations to the trip by keeping track of current political and economic situation in a given Region and following the information provided by authorities of the country of residence, national and local authorities of the country of destination and by international organizations and institutions. WK Travel does not assume responsibility for risks to which the Users and/or the Clients are exposed due to deciding to visit a given country, city, town or place subject to the order of Advisory Services. 


  1.  WK Travel will make every effort to ensure the highest quality of the Services rendered, in particular whilst rendering the Advisory Services. These Services are provided on the basis of 35 years of WK Travel individual travel experience. 
  1. In case the Services are not rendered or are rendered inconsistently with the provisions of these Regulations, the User is entitled to file a complaint with WK Travel. 
  1. The complaint should be sent by electronic mail to the following email address: WK Travel will deal with the complaint not later than within 14 days from the date of its receipt. An answer to the complaint, including information as to the result of dealing with such complaint and information regarding potential compensation in the event the complaint is acknowledged, will be sent to the User solely via email to the email address indicated by the User. 
  1. After the delivery of Advisory Services in an electronic form to the Client, Client does not have a right to return Advisory Services. By accepting the Regulations, each time when the Client places orders for the Services, the Client agrees for this exclusion from his/her right to return the Advisory Services.  
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